Ella's Story

"The doctors and nurses there are really nice, and they’re all like a family,”

Ella is a 13-year-old girl living in Toronto. She is passionate about the arts, school and SickKids. When young Ella was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) after an accident, the initial prognosis was grim.

The young girl had fallen off a horse while at summer camp and sustained 20 skull fractures and a severe brain bleed. Though Ella’s outlook was not good, doctors worked tirelessly to save her. Much to her parents’ relief, those efforts were successful and that she survived the trauma is testament to the great work being done at the hospital.

Ella’s mother recalled the horror of hearing of her daughter’s accident and the terrible feeling when doctors first explained the long odds against Ella. “The doctors told us if this had happened to an adult, they never would have survived,” she said. “They said if it had happened to a kid much younger than Ella, they wouldn’t have survived. Even the doctors thought it looked like she might not make it at first, but they kept working. The hospital provided services even beyond the life-saving surgery and reconstructive work to keep Ella alive and well.” “They had social workers right there, taking care of our needs so we could focus on taking care of Ella,” she said.

Less than a year after the fall, Ella was doing what she could to give back, with a fundraising craft-a-thon. The craft-a-thon, hosted by Designher Co., which invited local families to drop in, make beaded bracelets and have a bite to eat, was a massive success. Owner Dara Fox had originally hoped to bring in $5,000 through the event, but that figure swelled to roughly $14,000 by the time it was over.

At the craft-a-thon, Ella took a moment out from working the food table to recall the care she got while at SickKids. “The doctors and nurses there are really nice, and they’re all like a family,” she said. “They all treat each other with respect.”

To show her gratitude, Ella herself set up a lemonade stand shortly after being discharged from SickKids, bringing in $150 on her own. The craft-a-thon’s success was another big step in thanking the children’s hospital for the vital work they do.

“We can’t do enough to thank them or to give back,” said Ella’s mom. “They gave me my baby’s life back.”

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